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Gossipgirl RPG

You know you love me!

A Gossipgirl RPG!
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This community is for all you gossipgirl fans who want to act out the lives of Blair, Serena, and all of their followers. To join you must read the rules and apply. Not everyone that applies will get in. Have fun!

I hate this part but it has to be done in order to keep this rp going.

1. Almost anything goes, but it must be realistic, ie. no special characters ect. Also, stay true to your character, ie. Vanessa Abrams would not write in her journal about shopping at Juicy Couture.

2. Limited slash (male-male or female-female pairings) is allowed under certain circumstances. If you don't like that, then maybe this rpg isn't for you. If you do pursue another character, they must know about it AND approve first.

3. All major plots must be approved by the moderator and posted in the OOC journal.

4. If you do not like one of the plots, don't be a bitch about it. Either email the moderator or post what you think could make it better in the OOC journal.

5. Each character must have an actor/actress as their PB and use it as their buddy icon. Try to pick an actor that actually LOOKS like the person, ie. Blair has brown hair so someone Ashley Olsen would not be a right be for her. If the character has no description, anything goes. No two characters may have the same PB.

6. Regarding sexual content, there will be some in the future, if not a lot. You have been warned. You must be at least 14 to participate in this RP.

7. All characters MUST update at least (even more the better, if you want to!) once every 2 weeks, if you aren't able to then email the moderator(billabongbabe560@aol.com) or post in the ooc journal to let everyone know. Otherwise, you would be given a warning, and then your character will be taken away from you during sweeps and will be back up for someone to play.

8. When you have been approved and your character's journal set up, please make an AIM screenname for your characters to join in group chat sessions or chat to other characters online at the time you are on. This is not required but will make things go much more smoothly.

9. In order to participate in this RP, you must have read at least the first 3 gossipgirl books, otherwise you wont know what is going on between the characters.

10. All characters must be from the book, no fakes.

* Rules may change at any time


Livejournal username(if you have one):
Contact Details(screenname, email adress, ect:

Have you participated in any other RPs? If so, which ones and who did you play?:

Which Gossipgirl novels have you read so far?:

Who are you applying to be?:
Do you have any ideas for PB's for your character?:

Create a sample journal entry for your character:

Characters taken:

Serena Van Der Woodsen- serenalove
Kati Farkas- kati_farkas
Blair Waldorf- miss_blair
Georgie Spark- g_sparks
Isabel Coates- all_hail_isabel
Nate Archibald- n_archibald
Rain Hoffstetter- rainy_dayz_nyc
Aaron Rose- aaron__rose
Jenny Humphrey-
Vanessa Abrams- hairless_cat
Becky Dormand- becky_x

Characters needed:

Ruby Abrams
Nikki Button
Carmen Fortier
Lily Reed
Laura Salmon
Elise Wells
Mary Goldberg
Cassie Inwirth
Vicky Reinerson
Mystery Craze
Chuck Bass
Jeremy Scott Tompkinson
Anthony Avuldsen
Miles Ingram
Charlie Dern
Dan Humphrey
Erik Van Der Woodsen
Leo (does anyone know his last name?)